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On the occasion of the ITPM Milan show from June 10 to 13, let’s talk about this technological breakthrough, which reinvents the reinforcement for
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So3D will present its latest textile innovations at the ITMA show in Milan

Milan, Italy – So3D, an innovative company specializing in textile solutions, is pleased to announce its participation in the ITMA exhibition to be held this year in Milan. From June 15 to 21, So3D experts will meet to present their latest innovations in the field of the textile industry.

The ITMA show is a major event for the textile industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world to exchange ideas, discover new trends and establish strategic partnerships. So3D is excited to be part of this event and share its groundbreaking advancements with visitors.

The So3D team will be present at stand number 123, where they will exhibit a range of innovative textile solutions. Visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to discover the latest fabrics developed by So3D, which combine functionality, durability and aesthetics. Using state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality materials, So3D has created a collection of unique fabrics, suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

In addition to its textile products, So3D will also highlight its advanced software solutions, designed to improve textile design and production processes. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover how digital technologies can optimize the efficiency and accuracy of pattern creation, opening up new creative possibilities for textile manufacturers.

The So3D team will be available to chat and answer questions from visitors throughout the event. She is eager to share her expertise and establish new partnerships with key players in the textile industry.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit So3D’s booth at ITMA in Milan this year. Learn about the latest textile trends and innovations, and explore collaboration opportunities with So3D to propel your business to new heights.

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